Avoiding foreclosure in the Greater Tampa Bay area? You're not alone. Short sales can be a lifeline for homeowners facing financial hardships. The keys to a smooth short sale process are being prepared with the right documents and understanding the timeline. Let Thomas J. Morillo and the TJM Home Team guide you through. 💼📝

📌 Documents Needed for a Short Sale Package: 📌

  1. Hardship Letter 📄:
    • A statement detailing the financial difficulty you're facing.
  2. Proof of Income and Assets 💰:
    • Recent pay stubs, bank statements, and other proofs of income.
    • A list of assets, like real estate or valuables.
  3. Preliminary Net Sheet 🧮:
    • An estimate of projected expenses and profits.

🕰️ Realistic Time Expectations for a Short Sale 🕰️

  1. Preparation: Days to weeks for gathering documents.
  2. Listing and Offers 🏷️: Variable, but faster in hot markets.
  3. Bank's Approval 🏦: From 30 days to several months.
  4. Closing Time 📅: Typically 30-45 days post-approval.

The Importance of Being Prepared 📚

Being proactive accelerates the process and increases success rates. Prepared homeowners are often preferred by banks, making every step smoother. Remember, in foreclosure prevention, every day counts.


Ready to tackle the short sale process in Greater Tampa Bay? Trust in the expertise of Thomas J. Morillo and the TJM Home Team.